It is important to me that I provide a tailored service to suit all my clients. Therefore I would want to discuss your needs first, due to the diversity of tasks performed, location and the hours and days worked

As a guide only

Regular daytime visits £8.60 (30 Minutes) £15.80 (1 Hour)

Before 8am and after 7pm rates are increased by 20%

Sunday and Bank Holiday rates are increased by 20%


I do not do regular nights but in an emergency a sleeping (or minimal disturbance) night maybe possible, starting at £50.00 a night.

Please contact me for any other short term emergency care.

I am happy for you to cancel my visit, but please let me know as soon as possible. A charge will be made for a failed visit

 * For services such as call in and alert, visits may be shorter and rates may be lower. Subject to times and location